World Wave Resource - Larger Opportunities for Moderate Energy Devices

Wave energy is greatest towards the poles (yellow) and least at the equator (blue).The map is only a generalization based on data from the World Energy Council. It has been superimposed on a satellite composite of the earth at night which shows where the current electricity demand is concentrated.


Figure 1. World Wave Resource - data source WEC.

This image shows the confluence of the electrical demand and the ocean - that is, where electrical consumers are concentrated near the ocean. Island consumption is emphasized because Islands pay a premium price for energy.


In this Image, the ocean opportunity has been combined with the Wave Map to show those areas with the best waves and the highest demand. Not surprisingly, Scotland, Japan, Hawaii, Australia and Canada have active wave energy programs.


By combining the demand map with the moderate waves which are abundant, it is possible to show the much broader opportunities for moderate-wave devices than exists for extreme-wave devices.


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